A Summit Like No Other, Adventures in Domination

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A Summit Like No Other, Adventures in Domination

As someone who frequently participates in entrepreneurial groups and is part of an online mastermind, it seemed like a natural progression to end up at the The World Domination Summit (WDS). This conference has been on my bucket list from the moment it started three years ago.

If you’ve never heard of WDS, I like to describe it as the Burning Man for entrepreneurs. It’s a mash-up of entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, change makers and travel hackers, all brought to Portland every July thanks to Chris Guillebeau and his team.

The WDS is no ordinary conference or summit, there are no private agendas or big boring sales pitches. There is just one goal, make your life and the lives of others better. This message isn’t just apparent in the talks given but is a tangible feeling as a member of the WDS community. From the volunteers to the attendees, everyone is friendly, approachable and just open to meeting new friends.

A summit like this provides too many ah-ha’s and take aways to mention them all, however I would like to share my top two.

The first was from our first speaker of the day, Nancy Duarte. She talked about the art of storytelling, telling stories that resonate with people. She shared a graph she created to break down some of the great speeches in our history. The graph looked like this:

She explained that great speeches, like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech follow this format in order to resonate with their audience. Dr. King starts by sharing where they are and then takes them to where they want to be (his dream).

I was fascinated by Nancy’s graph, not only in the context of history but how I could apply that to my own life. What resonates with me? Am I taking action steps to get myself there? I looked at that graph as a blueprint to apply to my life and business. Where do I want to be and how do I reverse engineer those steps to get there from my current where I am today? It is a similar method to the painted picture method discussed in Cameron Herold’s book Double Double.  Thanks to Nancy Duarte, I will forever look at each goal in my life with her graph as my framework for moving me forward.

The second big takeaway came from a talk given by Jia Jiang on his project 100 days of rejection. He talked about being blindside with the pain of rejection when he didn’t receive funding for a project. In an effort to desensitize himself from the pain of rejection, he decided to go out for 100 days with the intent on getting rejected.

He knocked on the door of a strangers house and asked to play soccer in their backyard. He asked the cop to drive his car. He asked the airplane owner to fly their plane. The crazy thing is they all said “yes” and he realized what if he had been missing out on a lot of life because he was afraid to ask and possibly get rejected.

I loved Jia’s message of taking action inspite of fear. This will continue to be an area of my life that I work on and every time I hear that voice of fear creeping in, I will remember his message.

Going to the World Domination Summit was life changing, however you don’t need to have been there to make changes and shifts in your life or business. Take an honest look at what you want in your life and start listing out the steps that will get you there. No better time to make it happen than today, stop talking about it and starting taking action my friends.

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