A WordPress Plugin That Works Like Magic!

Posted By on Feb 27, 2013 | 10 comments

A WordPress Plugin That Works Like Magic!

You write an amazing post, your readers are excited about it but even though you have them hook, line and sinker there isn’t a clear, in their face call to action. Well I have it for you my friends, Magic Action Box.

Magic Action Box is a WordPress Plugin that makes it super easy to create custom opt-in calls-to-action based on the content on your blog post or pages. If you have an article on cutting expenses in your business and then just happen to have an eBook or course that dives into the topic more, create an opt-in box just for that post or category.

In this video I will be showing what this Magic Action Box is all about:

If you are looking for a tool to capture your captive audience than you might try the free version of Magic Action Box. Take it for a spin and create a great looking call-to-action on your next WordPress post.

* Disclaimer – The link above is my affiliate link, I do use Magic Action Box and don’t promote anything I don’t use in my own business.

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