Keep Your Website Link Health in Check

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Keep Your Website Link Health in Check

Keeping your website links in tact is a critical part of having a website. Nothing disappoints a visitor more than when you click on a link and BAM! Nothing, nada, zilch. They just got smacked with that 404 error and let’s face most people probably don’t care enough to come back or forget.

That’s why I use WordPress plugins that make my life easier by saving me time and alerting me when there is a problem.

In today’s WordPress Wednesday video I will be sharing with you the Broken Link Checker. This plugin keeps track of all the links on your site, internal and external.  Let’s say you link to a post that is relevant to your topic and then the blog owner moves their site to a new domain. The Broken Link Checker will alert you by email that there is a broken link on your site that needs to be addressed.

Not only will healthy links keep your visitors happy but it will make our old pal Google happy as well.  Broken Link Checker can help busy entrepreneurs like yourself from having to keep track of it all on your own. Best of luck!

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