Maximize Your Comment Love with Disqus

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Maximize Your Comment Love with Disqus

You pour a lot of hard work, love and creativity into your blog posts for your audience, right? Of course you do, and like any diligent content creator you want to see that your blog posts are resonating with your audience (a.k.a showing you some comment love.) 

Nothing can harsh your content creating buzz like a bunch of crummy old spam.

In today’s WordPress Wednesday video I will be sharing with you a couple of plugin solutions to dealing with comments and spam. We are talking easy usability here folks.

The first plugin is Disqus, a plugin with a clean, modern interface that will allow you to manage and block users, add moderators and start conversations within the plugin. Yeah I give bonus points for the clean design. Second plugin is Akismet which will help you block spam from your blog. Adios spammers.

These plugins will help you keep your comments coming and the spammers away, therefore you can focus on creating more great content. If you have a different tool for dealing with comment management or for spam block, please share below in the comments.

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