Something has gone stale, wait it is your website

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Something has gone stale, wait it is your website

This week we are talking about backing that thang up, drop it like it’s hot, drop like it’s hot. Wait, no, not like on the dance floor, must stop listening to rap music while writing blog posts. Let’s get serious, of course we are talking about your WordPress website.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen this scenario play out too many times to count. A business owner is pumped to get their website up. The website goes live, they exhale a huge sigh of relief, cross it off their to-do list and then what happens? Yep, they let it sit there and get stale and don’t look back for months, sometimes years. As a website developer this makes me cringe, I’m talking nails on a chalkboard. I want to throw on my superwoman cape and go into website rescue mode. I plead, “please update your WordPress software and plugins; please fix those broken links on your site.”

I get that it can be confusing and maybe even stressful for a website owner, but it is a necessary part of having a website. That is the thing about websites, they need to be maintained. Kiss the days of simple, static brochure sites good-bye. See ya! Today you need a comprehensive, evolving website strategy, and maintaining your site has to be part of it.

“Why” you ask? Leaving a website unmanaged makes you vulnerable on so many levels. You can get hacked and things will get broken fast. Plus today’s savvy website visitor can usually spot a stale, unloved site from a mile away.

Alright, let me put my superwoman cape back on and explain some some steps to prevent your site from getting stale:

  1. Backup Your Website – Backing up your website is a must. There are a lot of backup solutions created for WordPress. A popular plugin for backups is Backup Buddy. Backup Buddy can be purchased for a one-time fee, allows you to schedule backups, and links easily to Amazon S3 or Dropbox.
  2. Update your WordPress software – Make sure that you are running the latest version of WordPress Software. Outdated software is one of the most frequent causes of website hacking. You can download it on or directly within your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Update WordPress plugins РKeeping your WordPress website plugins up-to-date can also prevent  you from getting hacked. However, before you install any themes or plugins on your WordPress website please read the forum and comments.
  4. Install Broken Link Checker – The broken link checker plugin will save you time by alerting you via email if any links on your website have been changed or modified.
  5. Develop a Strategy – Constantly be thinking about your site and if something is still relevant. Just because you had something on your site when you developed it doesn’t mean it is still relevant and useful to your audience today.

As a business owner you’re busy. But if you put off maintaining your website today, you will have to deal with overhauling or fixing it later. It’s time to start showing your website some love.

Does the thought of doing the necessary steps to maintain your website still give you anxiety? Do you just not have the time to deal with it? Well I have the solution (insert da ta da da sound here)  I am now offering a WordPress Concierge service! Each month I will update and maintain your WordPress software and plugins and send you a monthly checkup report. To learn more, visit WordPress Concierge Service.

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