WordPress Concierge Service

WordPress Concierge Service

Leave your WordPress Maintenance to us!

You’ve spent the money, invested the time and now have a WordPress website that you are proud of. Now what do you do with your new online baby? Unfortunately if you are like a lot of website owners you just let it sit there. It sits and gets old, outdated and is more susceptible to hackers and spammers.

Your website has to be your living, breathing home online, a space to offer up your brilliance and engage with your audience. We are all concerned with the aesthetics of our site but keeping the backend running smooth is just as important. Every WordPress website needs to be updated regularly with the latest plugins and WordPress software and don’t forget a regular backing up. Neglecting your WordPress website leaves you open to hackers and spammers.

We don’t want to see any business owners have to deal with this kind of headache. With our WordPress Concierge Service we will maintain your WordPress website so you can rest assured that your online baby is being looked after.

Our monthly WordPress Concierge Service plan includes:

* A full backing up of your Website
* Installing the latest version of the WordPress Software (if needed)
* Updating any plugins that need updating
* Overall checkup (check for spam or broken links)
* A monthly checkup report

Why can’t I do it myself?
You might be thinking, why can’t I just update them myself? If you know what you are doing and want to handle updating your site then go for it. However a lot of WordPress website owners are afraid they are going to break something and sometimes they do.

Updating a WordPress website’s software or plugins isn’t always as easy as hitting the “update now” button. It takes backing up your entire site, researching if your plugins will now work with that latest version of WordPress and troubleshooting and fixing any glitches that might happen as a result.

We’ve seen many WordPress website owners lose key functionality of their site because it was not properly updated. It will cost so much more to fix it or restore it than it does to just maintain it.

What does it cost?
We offer two ways to pay for your WordPress Concierge Service, month to month or yearly. If you choose month to month, each month we will automatically send you a bill. Once we receive payment we will update your website and send you a custom monthly checkup report. If you prefer to pay for the year at once, you will get the same service and monthly checkup report without the hassle of dealing with monthly billing.

Month to Month Plan – $60 a month (If you want to try it out for a month and then upgrade to the yearly plan, we will put the initial $50 investment towards your yearly plan purchase.)

Yearly Plan – $500 a year

If you have any questions, please contact us or send an email to hello@prettylittelpixels.com.

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